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Here is a taste of some of the products we have developed.


Web-based, embedded, data collection, analysis and control system.

Corbel was originally developed as a replacement for the out-dated and bloated software typically used to control and interact with scientific instruments. It is more than just a piece of software, it’s an entire system that resides within the instrument it controls. Corbel-powered devices are controlled through a browser, on any web-enabled device, such as your typical computer or mobile device.


Flow-through liquid/gas permittivity (dielectric) sensor.

Flow-through gas/liquid permittivity (dielectric) sensor. Our ”PMA” sensor can be used to measure the permittivity of a gas and/or liquid in a stream, at rates of more than 1k samples/second. The liquid path is made of inert materials, and current models can handle flows in excess of 50mL/min and pressures of 1000psi. Custom models and configurations are available. We find this sensor to be particularly useful for distinguishing between two liquid phases and monitoring gradients in liquid chromatography applications.

CherryOne DS

Fully featured liquid chromatography system.

The CherryOne DS is a highly customizable, fully-featured, liquid chromatography system aimed at satisfying the needs of the most demanding scientists and engineers. It provides a level of control and capability far beyond standard off-the-shelf LC systems, and can be used with many types of traditional columns, as well as CCC and CPC liquid-only columns.

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