Wrightwood Technologies Inc.


Incorporated in early 2006, Wrightwood Technologies Inc. (WTI) provides technology integration and engineering solutions across a diverse range of industries. WTI was conceived with the realization that ample opportunities existed in all areas of technology integration; over the last 7 years we have been focused primarily creating tools to make science easier.

WTI has been closely involved in the advancement of Countercurrent Chromatography (CCC) and has received nearly $1M in federal funds to improve the usability, accuracy, and usefulness of this chemical separation technology. Our subsidiary (Cherry Instruments) handles distribution and sales of our Countercurrent Chromatography equipment and services.

Mission Statement

Wrightwood Technologies Inc. aims to provide both the public and private sectors with technologies and services that improve efficiency, increase production, reduce costs, eliminate waste, and improve societies’ over-all quality of life.


We take great pride in our diverse and knowledgeable staff:

Samuel Pro
Name Samuel Pro
Email spro@wrightwoodtech.com
Duties Business Development, Project Managment, Business Relations, Marketing, GUI Design and Implementation, Web Applications, Federal Grants
Samuel is highly adept in many areas of engineering, design, and technology, and is a co-founder of WTI. He promotes a lean group management and accountability strategy, and strives to create an efficient, productive, and fair work place.
Curriculum Vitae
Warren Friedl
Name Warren Friedl
Email wfriedl@wrightwoodtech.com
Duties Accounting, Contract Managment, Driver Development, IT
Warren, also a co-founder of WTI, enjoys engineering better solutions not only for our customers, but also for our internal operations.
Luke Pro
Name Luke Pro
Email lpro@cherryinstruments.com
Duties Applications Development, Feasibility, Wetlab, Food/Flavor Consulting
Luke’s understanding and experience in chemistry and biology is an indispensable asset for many of our science-rooted projects.
Nick Novak
Name Nick Novak
Email nnovak@wrightwoodtech.com
Duties Building Operations, Mechanical Design & Development, Circuit & Board Designer, Embedded Systems, Systems Integration, Manufacturing & Assembly, Education & Internships
Life long learning and a natural willingness to share makes Nick to be a source of excitement, imagination, and inspiration. His love for learning, teaching, and creating makes him an excellent resource.
Tom Burdick
Name Tom Burdick
Email tburdick@wrightwoodtech.com
Duties Coding, Circuit Simulation and Design
Tom can quickly and efficiently make computers and electronics do exactly as he wants them to.
John Maltby
Name John Maltby
Email jmaltby@wrightwoodtech.com
Duties PCB Layout and Fabrication, and Resident Rocket Enthusiast
Johnny is the epitome of an Electrical Engineer
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